10 great geek gifts on a budget

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Christmastime often raises that eternal question: what do you buy for the person who has one of everything? This usually refers to the geeky types who are in love with $1000 phones, MacBook Pros and bank-breaking home cinema systems. How do you shop for someone like that on a budget of about $20?

First things first — go online. The following gifts all come from online stores, and you are unlikely to find their equal at your local Kmart or Australian National Geographic store. Next, think outside the square: your friend may love Star Trek, but this doesn't mean you have to buy them every season of the show on Blu-ray to keep them happy, when an adorable Spock plush doll will do.

And don't forget: if you're shopping online, keep in mind that items bought from overseas will take a week or two to arrive, so start shopping early this year.

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MissyL1 posted a comment   

I'll take the straw glasses please... Tis the silly season!

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