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The Nintendo 2DS has just one large LCD under its plastic facade rather than two separate screens.

Put some clothes on, 2DS! You are naked!
(Credit: Rose Colored Gaming)

It seems Nintendo has used a few under-the-hood tricks to lower the cost of the 2DS. It's common sense that removing the parallax barrier and hinged construction would lower production costs — and apparently, a single screen does as well.

That's better.
(Credit: Nintendo)

As seen in a photo snapped by console modder Rose Colored Gaming, removing the 2DS' chassis reveals an LCD that takes up the entire front of the device. That's a lot of screen real estate, much of which will be concealed by the case design.

In order to enable the touchscreen on only one part of the screen, a resistive overlay is placed over the lower half.

Constructing the 2DS in this way makes a lot of sense. There are fewer pieces to be cut and fewer wires to be placed. Also, installing one screen that fits flush into the device is less complicated than installing two smaller screens that would need apertures to keep them from moving around.

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