30+ best and worst iPhone 4 cases

Apple can't make iPhone 4 units fast enough to satisfy demand, even with woeful stories of antenna problems and the potential of a smashed phone. To get the most from your iPhone, it's pretty clear you need to pop it into a case or protective screen of some sort.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 Case Program has ended, which means Apple isn't giving out any more free cases. If you missed on this then take a look through the following selection &mdash we're sure you'll find something you'll like, or hate as the case may be (pun unintended).

There are cases here from Belkin, Cygnett, Griffin, Gumdrop, Hard Candy, Laser, Macally and PADACS.

We wrapped each case around an iPhone 4 and worked out which ones are duds and which are winners.

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BradJ3 posted a comment   

I found the best value iPhone 4 cases were at http://www.newcase.com.au/iphone-4-4s/. Most under $10.


jdholmberg posted a comment   

Why doesn't anyone make leather cover with a belt clip for the iPhone 4S with the battery extender attached.
I mean most iPhone 4S battery extenders will make the iPhone 4S wider and longer than the normal iPhone 4S, and this will not fit into most leather pouches for iPhones.
Yet no-one has yet made a decent leather pouch for the iPhone 4S with the battery extender.


PhilB4 posted a reply   

Because not everyone uses the same battery extender. In fact, not everyone uses them. If your so dead set on one, get a case for an iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4, phones which are bigger than the iPhone 4.


sween64 posted a comment   

I bought the Cygnett Aviator case for $28 from Harris Technology. It's a great looking case and has a fantastic construction quality. However the aluminium back scratches very easily and the included adhesive screen protector is poor: scratches easily and collects dust. I prefer my hard plastic Case Mate case I had for my 3GS.


fadrad posted a comment   

Opena case needs has to be the best case!
Sweet case and it has a built in slide out bottle opener! woot wooooot!!!
check it out, think the website is openacase.com


amadeuswu posted a comment   
Hong Kong

I think Capdase has made one similar armband like the Belkin, but the price is only 2/3 of the Belkin. http://www.roadtogad.com/shop/index.php/ipod/ipod-health-fitness-1/capdase-sport-armband-zonic-for-iphone-4-3gs-3g-ipod-touch-black.html


Christian posted a comment   

I bought an Ion Stealth Predator, expensive, but made with real Carbon Fibre. Looks great, fits well and is very light.Reasonably grippy too.
It was an online purchase from Hong Kong, but i have been very happy with it.


skinny1 posted a comment   

The Cygnett Glam doesn't fit well. Also the leather rubs on your ear at the top when using the phone.
I don't like it at all.


james posted a comment   

ledfashion.com.au sells them too, I think they are just under 10 bucks there.


Ghostrider posted a comment   

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