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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

30 years of video games for just US$550,000

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An avid collector is selling on eBay a video-game collection that took over 30 years to amass.

Got more than US$550,000 kicking around? You could be the new proud owner of one of the most comprehensive video-game collections we've seen. The appropriately named seller,, has put it up for grabs on eBay.

"This collection," the description reads, "is the story of the video games from A to Z, from the Game & Watch and old pong systems to the actual generation of [PlayStation3] PS3 and Xbox 360."

So what is included, exactly? Well, a more apropos question would be, what is not?

Included in the lot is:

  • Over 6850 games across NTSC and PAL formats

  • Over 330 consoles; some of these are duplicates, such as limited-edition themed consoles

  • Over 220 controllers

  • Over 185 accessories, such as AC adapters, cables, memory cards and rumble packs

  • Promo items, such as soundtracks, action figures, soft toys and limited-edition box sets

And just so you know that isn't pulling anyone's leg, there are pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. He claimed to have taken over 10,000, but for the sake of sanity, has only included about 500 in the listing.

Considering that a collection of over 7000 games brought in over US$1.2 million in July of last year, we're expecting to make a fortune.

You can find the eBay listing here.

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DillonC1 posted a comment   

200 X 330 is 66,000 dipstick


ZachH2 posted a comment   

This is actually a deal. Most of those consoles probably retailed for around $200, and there's 330 of them.

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