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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

3D printing from HP now a reality

(Credit: HP)

In the mid-1990's, a Minneapolis-based company called Stratasys introduced the first 3D printer model, co-developed with IBM. Since then, 2D designers across the world rely on 3D printers to bring their CAD (computer aided design) mock-ups to life. As one of the earliest pioneers in the field, Stratasys has now teamed up with HP to manufacture the HP Designjet 3D printer series, the first relatively affordable 3D printer made by a major 2D printing company.

Designing a product on paper and turning it into a physical three-dimensional plastic model relies on a patented process Stratasys calls "Fused Deposition Modelling technology", which creates the product layer by layer using thin slabs of semi-molten plastic.

According to a WorldCAD Access interview with Stratsys's technical communications and public relations manager, the machines will only be available in five European countries (Spain, France, UK, Germany and Italy) for now.

HP will start the printers at just under US$17,500, crushing the dreams of idea farms and hobbyists hoping to find a low-cost way to produce a prototype in-house. As of today, HP's Designjet series are meant to be shared in a corporate environment, eliminating the previous routine of sending a CAD image to a machinist and waiting for a product to materialise.

More information including a product tour video and an image gallery are available on the HP website.


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BruceJ posted a comment   

The UP 3D Printer is the best value and highest quality output at a professional level from


AdamG1 posted a comment   

Google RepRap, Fab@Home or MakerBot for any of the much cheaper, open source printers!


Bagoflunch posted a comment   

3D printing would be the best...

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