3D TV and crazy gadgets from CEATEC Japan

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When it comes to gadget shows there are probably a handful that stand out: with CES in the US and IFA in Germany notable examples. While not as well known, Japan has its own show called CEATEC and is running in Tokyo until 10 October.

CEATEC is mostly a pure "trade" show in that it's aimed at manufacturers and not the public, but there are still some sights to see for the gadget-obsessed.

As with CES 2009, 3D technology was the main topic discussed, with Panasonic, Sony and Sharp all showing off their version of the 3D home cinema.

Also on display were some weird and wild iPod apps and some stuff that was just damned strange.

Ty Pendlebury travelled to Japan as a guest of Panasonic.

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the new 3D television would be a great success

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