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(Credit: NotFound.org)

Missing Children Europe has launched a campaign that shows the faces of missing children on 404 pages across the internet.

It's such a simple idea. Instead of nothing but the 404 error message and a redirect, the pages will show the details of a missing child. "Page not found," the page header says. "Neither was this child."

As thousands of children go missing across Europe every year, and with 404 pages taking up a lot of internet space, the campaign aims to put the "dead" pages to use. "Missing Children Europe and Child Focus have decided to make this hitherto useless space meaningful through the NotFound project," said the campaign's press release.

Each page will show the child's name, face, age, date of disappearance and a hotline to call. The pages will be randomised, so that no missing child gets priority.

Websites wishing to participate can register at NotFound.org.

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