40GB PS3 confirmed for Australia

Gamers in the UK finally received confirmation over the weekend of the upcoming availability of the oft-rumoured 40GB version of the PlayStation 3, and it looks like Australians won't be far behind in receiving the new console.

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia (SCE Australia) has confirmed that the new PS3 model will be available down under from October 11, and will cost gamers AU$699.95. The 40GB model will not be compatible with PS2 games, will come with only two USB slots, and has no multimemory card port.

And while consumers in the UK will also be receiving a price cut of £76 off the revised 60GB PS3 bundle (which will come with two games and one Sixaxis controller), there was no word from SCE Australia about a similar drop for Australians.

Calls to SCE Australia to confirm a possible new 60GB price point and for more information about the 40GB model were not returned as of time of publication. Check CNET.com.au soon for more details.

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calnhgbg posted a comment   

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DC posted a comment   

Enjoy a trip to Singapore and buy a PS3 40GB for S$540 or around AUD$400 with the GST rebate. At $699 oz the 40 GB is miles too expensive.


skyline7 posted a comment   

well i know its a pretty late post but awell, why not just buy a usb hub im sure that would work hdd doesnt mean that much unless you want to store movies on it, why would you want to play ps2 games on a ps3 you brought it as an upgrade not a down grade and also you could buy a new ps2 and ps3(40gb) for cheaper than buying the 60gb version ps3


JIGSAW posted a comment   

does Australia only get 40gb and stopped makeing 120gb and 60gb and 80gb or wen just do not get them, other wise 40gb fine for me


:( :) :p :o posted a comment   

40gb r cheaper but i do not relly care about playing ps2 games because ps3 games r much better but maybe i shout wait for price to come down. I thought they stopped makeing the 120 gb and the 80gb because it cost too much"";::;z:kfdjsdkh


scarface13 posted a comment   

so what is the way to go ..is it worth getting the 40gb or the 60gb ..i dnt really care bout being able to play ps2 games ,just wondering if any of the other downgrades are a concern ???


IES posted a comment   

i hate to break the news bishy but the 60GB will be no longer in 6 months time, they have bought the 40GB out to replace it, if you are after one that is backwards compatible then i would hurry up because there are not many left in Aus and they will run out fast. I just got mine yesterday and it is great, but i do agree that sony needs to hurry up and get some good titles going.


jwp118 posted a comment   

Apparently Sony's "research" indicated that consumers weren't using their PS3s to play PS2 games. I dont recall being asked that question. I was just waiting for some decent games to come along.

Hope their research targeted PS2 owners yet to upgrade to a PS3 and not just those who already own a PS3.

I hope theres a higher capacity version similar to the one available overseas (with backward compatibility still intact) on its way by Christmas.

Wasn't Sony originally advertising the PS3 as an all-in-one entertainment solution? Now Mr Ephraim is now suggesting that those wanting to play PS2 titles can do so on their PS2s (Duhhh). Lounge room is cluttered enough thanks


boost-juice posted a comment   

I don't agree. I own the 60gig and the stuff on it is great, but:
- the usb ports and that important really, 2 is plenty. Unless you want to play 4 player "wired games" which you wouldn't on PS3. (u can do 7 player wireless).
Just burn a CD for photo's etc and put on them on the HDD. Or connect your camera via 1 of the USB ports.
The hard drive upgrade can be done UNDER WARRANTY for maybe $100 will get you a 120-160gig (it takes any 2.5 laptop HDD, again this is UNDER WARRANTY)


bishy69 posted a comment   

This console wont be taking off in a hurry. Cant play ps2 games, 2 not 4 usb ports, no memory card port and with 20GB less. I'd prefer to wait 6 months for the PS3 to come down in price by $200 than buy this backward version...

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