5 steps for installing iOS 4

Apple's iOS 4 is spreading out to iPhone and iPod Touch owners today. Upgrading the firmware on your iPhone or iPod may be old hat for some of you, but if this is your first time around, here's the iOS 4 upgrade process in five easy steps.

The iOS 4 upgrade is free for both iPhone and iPod Touch, but excludes first-gen models.

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peripo posted a comment   

I agree with RichardM1. Only 1 step has every been required to upgrade.
However, iOS4 takes a lot longer to install than previous versions (IMO), and frankly my 3G is running like an exhausted donkey now - I never had to wait for things to load before, now it takes anything up to 10 seconds just to load System Preferences! I hope it works a lot faster on the 4, because I've been waiting for it to be released here to upgrade.


Trump posted a comment   

installed without any issues in under 15minutes


Darth Salem posted a comment   

Took ages to install, okay I accept that, but then when it deleted all my apps and music, I was less than impressed. Restoring now... Grrr to you Apple, if your products weren't so good the other 95% of the time I'd go android, but I know that's a whole world of "what if"


AndrewP posted a comment   

Mine gets stuck on the "Backing Up" stage no matter which way I try!


RichardM1 posted a comment   

With the greatest respect, there is really one step to upgrading. Click upgrade, accept the license and wait for it to finish.

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