5 things I need in an iPhone 5 to ditch Android

The iPhone 5 should be here tomorrow, and with Apple's press event now less than a day away, I'm caught once again pondering my love/hate relationship with Android.

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The relative openness of Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean just feel right, but would Apple treat me better? It's hard being a self-proclaimed early adopter when I always seem to have to wait for all the newest and coolest apps to hit iOS first, and finally filter through to Android months later. And when I get stuck with an app that loves to force close, I pine for the tighter ships that seem to sail the iOS waters.

The iPhone 4S came very close to luring me away from Google's mobile ecosystem, and the iPhone 5 could be an even bigger evolution that will be hard to resist, but it's going to have to include a few things to get me to ditch Android. Here's my list of demands.

4G LTE is non-negotiable

This was the deal breaker on the iPhone 4S that eventually led me back into the arms of Android and the Moto Droid Razr for my most recent phone purchase. It's crazy not to be able to take advantage of the blazing-fast networks that have been rolling out over the past year. Much like the iPhone itself, or 3G before it, once you've gone long-term evolution (LTE), it's hard to imagine life before it. A new iPhone without it just seems just silly, but not to worry — the odds of an announcement tomorrow that doesn't involve 4G are almost nil — but will it be compatible with Australian networks? That is the question.

A universal charging port or removable storage

This is where Apple and I already start to butt heads. I'm happy it appears that the company will finally be ditching that 30-pin connector that looks like it should be attached to a dot matrix printer, but swapping it out for another proprietary plug is about as useful to me as swapping an 8-track copy of Led Zeppelin's debut album for the Minidisc version. If Apple won't allow me to connect and charge my device via one of the most universal ports around, at least a microSD card slot would be nice for some extra storage and ease of data transfer. But I won't be holding my breath for this announcement tomorrow.

A bigger screen and resolution bump

While some may disagree, I've found that bigger is better when it comes to mobile device screens. So long as I can fit a phone into a pocket, I say super-size it. The rumours of a 4-inch iPhone 5 screen are a great start, but I'd love something approaching 5 inches, similar to the size of the Galaxy triplets — the Note, Nexus and S III. A bump in the iPhone screen resolution would sure be nice to keep pace with the pack as well, and it's something that I think we're likely to see tomorrow.

An Android on-ramp that includes Siri

Call me old-fashioned, but I don't mind being wooed a bit. It would be nice to be given a convenient avenue for merging my life's data, which currently resides pretty exclusively in the Googleverse of services like Gmail, Gcal and so on, into Apple's ecosystem. Working out Siri integration with these apps and Chrome would be a great place to start. Alas, I won't be holding my breath for this one, either.

Another input option, please?

OK, so Apple worries that giving me access to a galaxy of replacement keyboards like Swype (not to mention all the launchers and other custom tweaks available for Android) might make things a bit unstable. But certainly a little innovation in the input area can't be a bad thing. The notion of having to jailbreak an iPhone or being stuck with the stock touchscreen keyboard seems untenable to me.

There's more that I'd like to see in a new iPhone — wireless charging, NFC, an incredible rubber-band electronics option — but I won't push it. These five demands seem pretty reasonable to me for the most valuable publicly traded company in American history to get its head around, but I think the best-case scenario is that the iPhone 5 will deliver on no more than three of them.

Perhaps some new and unanticipated feature unveiled tomorrow will push me to overlook the wonky new connector and seemingly insurmountable walls around Apple's garden, and I'll simply knock on the kingdom gates, cash in hand, for the first time. Until then, I'll likely continue to live life on the Razr's edge, perhaps just one more sketchy app away from making the leap to iOS.

What about you? What do you need to make the switch to an iPhone or upgrade from the one you already have?

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Will1505 posted a comment   

Do you really need a resolution bump? Screen size bump of course.

1) Will happen but probably won't work in australia.
2) Fat chance.
3) That's a given
4) I don't see why not.
5) Pfft what are you smoking....


dgentele posted a comment   

I was a Apple fan, having the 3G, 3GS and the 4, however when the S3 got released, this is the phone that made me switch to Android. Overall, its a much better phone, loving the massive 4.8" screen. There are a few things that I wish Andorid had from iOS. One thing is I can't enlarge MMS pictures in messages, I need to save the picture, then go to the gallery which is very time consuming.

Otherwise, I think Android has overtaken Apple. Apple need to bring out something amazing to make me change back to them.


Im Batman posted a comment   

the universal charging is a good option, Apple would say they provide USB charging as the connection to your computer or wall wart is a USB, like other OEM charing systems.

However, it would be nice that with the new dock connector, it does everything that Apple wants it to do with transferring media/video but is able to accept a microUSB cable in those off chances to just charge the device.
from the leaks the new dock connector is supposedly smaller, it appears to be of a compatabile size a micro USB


trebor83 posted a comment   

6 - You'd like it to run Android?

I mean everything else you have listed here is essentially saying this so why not just come right out with it?


Dunners posted a reply   

Are any of the comments really that unreasonable to ask for..?

I really liked this article as i am in a similar position and untill some or all of these reach the iPhone i will continue to use Android


trebor83 posted a reply   

Other then a bigger screen and LTE, which are both a bit of a given (though we'll have to wait and see if 4g actually work on Telstra...) are any of them that realistic though?

The only way I can see them imbracing something approaching a universal charging port would be if they miniaturised Thunderbolt to smartphone size. Which would be awesome by the way.

They have 16-64 gb versions of the iPhone so if you want lots of storage on your phone get the bigger one. And if for some inexplicable reason 64 gig isn't enough for you on your phone setup an iCloud or Skydrive or Dropbox or all of the above. Its both not within Apples philosophy and kind of technologically unnecessary.

IF we accept Apples spin there is no reason for them to increase the resolution of the screen because you couldn't tell anyway.

Given that they have just dumped Google maps, probably the most ubiquitous mapping program around, it seems unlikely they would integrate other Google services.

Ok, I could perhaps see a swype type option if its not going to get them sued, but since they already have one of the best keyboards around it seems unlikely. The biggest problem i ever had with input on an iPhone was the autocorrect, a new interface for that might help but is hardly going to make me, you or anyone else switch platform by itself.

It really just kind of feels like they have writen a list of the things Android phones have that the iPhone doesn't


Dunners posted a reply   

You miss the point, these things are all great points not there because Apple says you don't need them. In reality some of us do.

My 'phone' is no longer my phone it is my computer that i carry in my pocket. So (for me) there is no such thing as not enough storage. Plus I use the mircoSD card to upload pictures from my camera without the need for a computer. When i'm not doing that microSD is extra space. win win.

You have never 'fully' used Google products and it shows. the 'Googleverse' mentioned in this article is amazing all you devices are in sync connected and prepared for what you are gonna do next. Your searching and it knows what you want to search for, your surfing and it knows what you want to surf for. It's fast, acurate and easy. The article is correct, combine this with Apples polish and you have an unstoppable force.

The iPhone keyboard is good you are right, it just is that swype is sooo much better. Your right this alone wont change peoples overall opinion of the phone but wouldn't it be a nice addition..?

And your right some of these things we will never see, why..? Because apple is arrogant enough to say you dont need them. I don't want the manufacturer of any product i use telling me what i do/dont want and/or need.


trebor83 posted a reply   

On Googleverse you are probably right. I use Google to search and have an Android phone but that's about it. Can't say I've ever felt I was missing out.

On the last point I would totally agree and that's really what is underpinning most of my points I guess.


Croc posted a comment   

Full bluetooth capabilities and no need to tether to a computer

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