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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

7-inch iPad 2 to have USB port?

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Remember that Apple earnings call when Steve Jobs poo-pooed the notion of a 7-inch tablet?

A Chinese paper, the Economic Daily News, is reporting that production has started on 7-inch iPads due for release in Q1 2011. The paper also details some of the new features to expect in the iPad successor, including front and rear facing cameras, and a USB port for connecting external devices.

The report also alluded to new screen and touch technologies but did not elaborate on what these technologies would be. Could it be that Apple has circumvented its issues with our fat fingers by employing a new and more sensitive touchscreen tech?

This is far from the first iPad 2 rumours we've heard, and the Q1 timing isn't too great a stretch of the imagination when you consider that Apple is likely to update the product line 12 months after it released the original. It should be noted also that the Economic Daily News was one of the first news sources to predict that Apple was developing a tablet at all.


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Neil posted a comment   

As I recall when Steve was bashing Samsung Galaxy Tab, he was saying 7in is not good.
Also USB port in Apple tablet? I really don't think such a flexibility will be possible with apple products


S posted a comment   

A 7" ipad would be good but i like the 9" version but the ipad should have come out with quad band 3g umts


bad doggy posted a comment   

so i wonder if it's 7 inches because of size limitations on glassless 3d?


Rj posted a comment   

My - we're all taking this a bit seriously.
What if the USB is just there for power, to satisfy European regulations?


Igor Stroganoff posted a comment   

Hilarious. And not true... A 7" screen has already been dubbed DOA by Steve 'I am Jesus' Jobs, so surely it couldn't happen. And what's this talk of a USb port...? As if Apple would allow such flexibility. Ha.


Peter T, posted a comment   

And I forgot to add,
4. A 7" device is not a very good form factor. I doubt that Apple will release such an iPad.


Peter T. posted a comment   

1. I simply do not believe that the iPad will have USB.
2. Every device that plugs in will need its own driver and iOS is not set-up to work that way. Perhaps there is a way of doing it through an app, rather than a driver, but I don't think that would be very efficient.
3. A USB dongle already exists for the iPad, albeit that it is only supposed to be for cameras.


macca posted a comment   

The samsung galaxy s phone and the galaxy tablet are far superior products than apples.


Bill posted a comment   

People need to lighten up about technology. Ranters like -DVST8, arrowboy, ****JOBS, need to take a good hard look at themselves. What have you ever done with your lives? What is your contribution to the human race? Apart from ranting about how Apple products don't live up to your expectations? LOSERS!


Paul posted a comment   

i bet apple will market the addition of a usb port on the ipad as 'their' latest and greatest innovation to date. Id be suprised if they dont incorporate it as a dock to usb adapter and make the change in firmware only, that way they can then sell the adapters at typical rediculous apple prices to grab more money from ipad1 owners

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