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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

A drive-in for cyclists

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(Credit: Stadtverkehr 2025)

A cafe in Zurich, Switzerland, has set up docking stations for cyclists so that they can have a bite to eat without having to leave the comfort of their bicycle seat.

We wouldn't have called a bicycle saddle the most comfortable seat available, but when you're cycling around the city, it can be a bit of an irritation to try and find a place to leave your ride while you nip in for a coffee or a sandwich.

A cafe in Zurich has implemented a solution: the Velokafi. The Velokafi is a "docking station" for cyclists, where an aperture for the front wheel keeps the bicycle upright and stationary while two raised platforms let the cyclist put their feet down. A tabletop allows a snack, a drink, a newspaper — a place to relax and recharge while not having to worry about the bike.

The two Velokafi are placed outside the Rathaus Cafe as part of Zurich's city council's Stadtverkehr 2025 program — a program to make the city friendlier for the growing cyclist community. The number of cyclists in the city is expected to double by 2025, so the program is trying to improve cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure, with a view to reducing motor traffic.

Alas, the Velokafi will only remain until 13 April.


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