ACCC 'repair, replace, refund' campaign: know your rights

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Do you feel like retailers might not be telling you the whole story on consumer rights? The ACCC is here to help.

Consumer rights can be a tricky business, but the reason they exist is, in large part, to help protect you when a product or service goes bad. Understanding exactly which rights apply under which situation is the hard part, and it isn't in a retailer's interest to make it obvious.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched a campaign to improve people's knowledge of their rights — and when you've shelled out thousands of dollars on high-tech gear, it pays to know where you stand. The campaign is called "repair, replace, refund".

For example, did you know that it is now against the law for businesses to even show a sign that says they do not give refunds under any circumstances? Or that a credit card statement can be used as proof of purchase if you no longer have the receipt?

There is still a lot of room for the ACCC to improve the presentation of this information. But a read through the guides will definitely have you shopping — and returning faulty items — with a lot more confidence.

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pgaskin posted a comment   

There is monly one solution - start fining senior management for these breaches. Make it against the law for the empl.oying company to pay the fines on behaalf of senior management - and maybe then we will find changes in behaviour on the shop floor.
I still believe that those phone kiosks who send you to a rpair centre when something goes wrong, should be the fiorst place for the ACCC to start acting against and then move on into telco shops. Then they can start on the whitegoods and brown goods industry. Hopefully at thsi point, the shops will work out what is going on!

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