Acer Aspire One

The Acer Aspire One is better than most netbooks. It's fantastic for anyone who wants a small, cheap machine on which to type and surf the web. However, its battery life lets it down slightly.

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User Reviews / Comments  Acer Aspire One

  • Meg



    "Acer has amazing customer service, based in Australia rather than India or elsewhere. The computer itself I find to be stylish and the keyboard is pleasant to type with. It is also amazingly strong..."

  • Slim


    "Windows XP had Problems put Windows 7 Ultimate on havnt had any problems since great little laptop. Have had this laptop since they came out use it every day i would recommend to buy one."

  • Jayne



    "If you want a computer that you want last more than 10 months then dont buy one, plus to get service done, its a joke ringing up, they take ages to answer you and then cant find your details in the..."

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