Activision taking mobile gaming 'very seriously'

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Activision's VP of mobile development has predicted that the next-gen smartphone will have "Xbox 360-level graphics".

Activision's Call of Duty franchise may go mobile.
(Credit: Activision)

Speaking with CVG, Activision's vice president of mobile development, Greg Canessa, has confirmed that mobile gaming will be a major part of the company's strategy in the future.

"Mobile is an emerging business for the company, and it's something we're taking very seriously," said Canessa. "Console and PC are still the major focus, but we feel that mobile is an important segment for our brands going forward."

Citing the rapid advances in mobile GPU and CPU technology, Canessa said that smartphones would have "Xbox 360 levels of graphical fidelity and processing power within the next generation", influencing the sort of games that Activision would be looking to publish for mobile users.

"Activision will be creating a mix of casual and immersive gaming experiences on mobile, but, as I say, smartphones are more and more allowing for us to create those kinds of experiences," he said. "The games that Activision publishes on console, the games it publishes on PC, pretty soon we'll be publishing those kinds of experiences on tablets and smartphones."

Canessa referenced the approximately 350 IP brands that the company has had to work with — including, of course, the incredible popular Call of Duty franchise — but also mentioned that Activision is hoping to be innovative when it comes to mobile gaming.

"I'm really interested in what we can do in the action space. I think that on mobiles, there has been a lack of great action games due to user-interface issues. I think there's a tremendous opportunity for us to innovate in that space."

The full interview can be read on CVG's site.

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MitchellT posted a comment   

in other words. the indie gamers win, because this can be played on the OUYA! console!! (android based tegra 3)

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