Adidas reveals its own fitness smart watch

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Another day, another smart watch.

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This time, it's Adidas that's stepped into the ring, with its as-yet-unnamed smart watch aimed at fitness freaks — specifically runners.

We say smart watch, but the Adidas wrist bling doesn't actually have the number of features that you might expect from that name. Instead of connecting to your smartphone, for example, it's actually a stand-alone device.

Instead, the watch has in-built flash memory for your running tunes, GPS for tracking your distance and speed and audio coaching to keep you motivated. Its true killer feature is pulse-based heart-rate monitoring, something many runners have been wanting from a wearable device for some time now.

Paul Gaudio, head of Adidas Interactive, said, "We're trying to make the smartest running watch. When you're out playing sports, you want less stuff — only what you need to perform."

Adidas expects the watch to be out on November 1 in the US for US$399. There's been no information regarding an Australian release.

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