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Adobe's slimmed-down version of Photoshop previously only for tablets, has finally arrived for smartphones.

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Photoshop Touch for tablets first made its debut in 2011, originally appearing on Android devices before migrating over to iOS. At that time, it might have seemed strange trying to edit photos on a smartphone screen that barely tipped 4-inches, which is probably why Adobe didn't make the app available for these smaller devices. Suddenly in 2013, with more and more large phones making their way onto the market, it makes sense to have a dedicated phone version.

The interface doesn't look dramatically different from that found on the tablet app, though icons and menu options are reduced in size to fit in proportion with the screen. Photographers can edit separate layers, and unlike the first iteration of the tablet app, you can now edit full-resolution images up to 12 megapixels. Camera Fill, which uses an image taken by the camera to complete a missing area, is present as along with traditional features such as the brush tool and layer effects.

The app integrates into Adobe's Creative Cloud service for storing and importing images, as well as syncing to and from other applications like the full-blown desktop version of Photoshop. Free accounts come with 2GB of storage space.

Photoshop Touch for iOS and Android is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play for AU$5.49.

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