Adobe cuts price of Creative Cloud subscriptions

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Individual subscriptions to Adobe's Creative Cloud have seen a price reduction for Australian and New Zealand users.

(Credit: Adobe)

Adobe was among the companies subpoenaed by the IT pricing inquiry to explain its pricing structure for Australian buyers. The company has not said that the decision to cut Creative Cloud subscription prices was due to the inquiry, though the timing is certainly interesting, coming just one day after the summons.

Regardless, Australian subscriptions to the Creative Cloud, which gives access to Adobe's range of Creative Suite tools, are now available for purchase for AU$49.99 per month on a one-year plan.

Previously, individual subscriptions were priced at AU$62.99. The price reduction is available to both new and existing subscribers, with the AU$49.99 rate available immediately from Adobe's online store.

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ADSLNerd posted a comment   

I dont trust any Cloud computing services as most of the date is store in the USA under so many conditions its basically open slather with your data. Read the terms / conditions of these services, they have access to all your data no matter what, and they are indemnified. Timing of this way too co-incidental for my liking.

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