Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator now support Retina displays

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Been waiting for a better Photoshop or Illustrator experience on your fancy high-resolution Mac? Adobe has delivered.

(Credit: Adobe)

The Photoshop 13.0.2 and Illustrator 16.0.3 updates add support for High DPI displays, although, only on the OS X side at this stage.

At the time of writing, the Photoshop update link was broken on Adobe's website; users may have more success using the built-in Adobe Update software or via a direct link to Adobe's FTP server that hosts the update.

Also in Adobe's crosshairs for High DPI updates are the CS6 versions of Dreamweaver, Edge Animate, Lightroom, Prelude, Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade; all other products are being evaluated. We'd imagine that this means "wait for CS7" — something that will no doubt be disappointing to InDesign users.

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