Adobe shuts down CS2 activation server, puts software and serials online

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Adobe has provided full downloads and serials to Creative Suite 2 (CS2) on its website, as it has shut down the activation servers for the product.

(Credit: Adobe)

According to a post on its forums from Dov Isaacs, the downloads and serials are only intended for those who have already acquired CS2 legally, but can no longer activate it. Nonetheless, it has resulted in a free-for-all, with bargain hunters grabbing the software as quickly as possible; the only requirement is to sign up for an Adobe ID account.

If you're considering flaunting Adobe's line and downloading the software anyway, remember that the software itself is almost eight years old, and will likely have issues with modern operating systems.

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WolfDS posted a comment   

Adobe Acrobate 7.0 professional suddenly requires me to re-activate because "my system configuration appears to have changed" but its impossible do do on net
"because activation server is not available at this time"
What I am to do?
Wait and keepon trying?


Jfredure posted a reply   
United States

If you have a legitimate copy of Acrobat 7.0 that you purchased (or otherwise legally obtained from Adobe), you are legally allowed to download and install the version available on Adobe's site. You'll need the new software key for that version, which is also on that site. Though on the downloads list all it has are 7.0 standard and 8.0 I don't know if your version applies.

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