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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Adobe tests new Canon, Olympus raw support

Those eyeing Canon's newest SLR, the EOS 550D, or Olympus's new high-end compact camera, the E-PL1, now can get support for those cameras' raw images in Adobe Systems' Lightroom and Photoshop — though only as a release candidate for now.

Adobe releases occasional updates so its software can decode the proprietary raw image formats from many higher-end cameras. Raw images offer greater flexibility and quality as compared with JPEG images, but they require manual processing to convert them into a useful form.

And software companies such as Adobe and Apple must stay on top of a constant stream of new cameras that shoot raw. The new release candidates of Lightroom 2.7 and the Camera Raw 5.7 plug-in for Photoshop support the following cameras:

  • Canon EOS 550D
  • Kodak Z981
  • Leaf Aptus-II 8
  • Leaf Aptus-II 10R
  • Mamiya DM40
  • Olympus E-PL1
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10
  • Sony Alpha A450

Adobe also issued a release candidate for DNG Converter 5.7, a utility that converts raw photos into Adobe's Digital Negative format.


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totoaus posted a comment   

What about Hasselbald?
I have never seen mention of their RAW format.

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