Airlines to use iPads for in-flight fun

in brief Far from being a killer of in-flight movies, Apple's iPad could soon become a central part of an airline's in-flight entertainment system.


(Credit: Apple)

When news of the iPad first hit the world in January, Jetstar chief information officer Stephen Tame had speculated with ZDNet Australia that the iPad "may lead in the future the end of airline in-flight entertainment systems" as everyone started to take their own devices onto the plane for entertainment.

Yet, even those who don't possess their own iPads could get an in-flight taste of the swanky devices if Bluebox Avionics, which provides technology and content to enable in-flight entertainment, has its way.

Bluebox Avionics has announced it will soon provide iPads to airline passengers in the United States as part of its in-flight entertainment service. According to a press release, the Bluebox Ai, as the company calls it, will be "the industry's only in-flight entertainment system to utilise the Apple iPad".

The customised iPads will include a select number of games, magazines and ebooks from the iTunes store, as well as Bluebox Avionics's own movie player application designed specifically for airlines.

The company announced that the iPads will be launched in July on one yet-to-be-named "international carrier" and will be available to other airlines shortly after.


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