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Craig was sucked into the endless vortex of tech at an early age, only to be spat back out babbling things like "phase-locked-loop crystal oscillators!". Mostly this receives a pat on the head from the listener, followed closely by a question about what laptop they should buy.

Alienware, supplier of pre-built super high performance machines, has expanded its business model in Australia beyond its direct-to-customer model, allowing resellers to get on the bandwagon.

Already a niche brand, the reseller program is "targeted at enthusiast resellers that specialise predominately in high-end systems", according to the press release.

Considering enthusiasts and enthusiast resellers conduct a large part of their business through online stores, the requirements for becoming a reseller are interesting -- a minimum order quantity of 10 units per quarter, and at least one desktop and laptop on display at all times. Maybe they can stick the laptop and desktop in a room in the warehouse and claim they're on display to the employees.

Regardless of this, an increased presence can't hurt for Alienware, and we look forward to seeing their products get the local recognition they deserve.

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ricoanna posted a comment   

What on God's Green Earth are you talking about canberra_photographer talking about Mac Pro rules..Firstly, Macs are generally for those who are either using pc's fopr general multimedia or internet use or for those who are into Graphic designs namely photographers and designers. For you of course as a photographer a Mac is desirable and needed. How on earth you can even say a cheap acer is better than an Alienware PC is like comparing pink cheap rollerskates to a Bugatti Veyron! Alienware PC's are for the serious gamers! These are Pro-gaming material..Just look at the screams " Gimme yer best shot!"..The specs are mind-boggling and the performance meets expectations.


Slam posted a reply   

Agreed. These are not targetted at Mac users. I've had Macs before and had PCs for a long time and know the Dell and Alienware brands very well. Macs are for the PC novice these days. Even graphic designers user PCs more than Macs and that WAS the Mac domain for many years. The Alienware systems are an awesome platform for gaming and for the semi pro video/camera buff like me. Sure I could be bias as I just ordered one but I had a good look around including the Dell Studio and nothing comes close in the Tier 1 and 2 market to these beasts.


boost-juice posted a comment   

These things rape anything apple makes perfrormance wise. Looks is up to the beholder.


WiDoW_MaK3R posted a comment   

its about time...
even tho ther prices are a lil high for the everyday gamer... it still is great to know you can save your money up and show off at a lan with a Alienware pc lol


andy186 posted a comment   

alienware are just overpriced simple as that.

They look nice about the only reason worth getting them. but you can get the desktop cases for 300 bucks still thats alot for a case


canberra_photographer posted a comment   

Just overpriced Dells by another name. Mac Pro rules!!! Heck, even a cheap Acer is better value... at last you know it will stuff it after 3 years. Dell and Alienware, huh.


blaah posted a comment   
New Zealand

yay we can see more aliens floating around

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