Amaysim to 'cut the crap' out of mobile call costs

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A new virtual mobile operator today launched its operations in Australia, offering a service without contracts and calling costs minus flagfall.

(Credit: Amaysim)

Amaysim is a new SIM-only mobile phone service offering pre-paid and post-paid mobile phone services in Australia, with a flat call rate of 15 cents per-minute, 12 cents for SMS messages and 5 cents per MB for data, with an option to choose a 1GB data pack for AU$9.90. All credit, whether purchased pre- or post-paid has a 90-day expiry, with the exception of the data pack which has a 30-day expiry.

"The original model was based on the [budget] airline model, taking away all the unnecessary elements of operating, what you might call the crap of the [mobile phone] offers, and reducing it to a fair and transparent pricing scheme" said Amaysim CEO Rolf Hansen.

"The key component is offering a web-based service ... where customers can browse the service, buy the service and adjust their settings".

Customers choosing the Amaysim service will be able to monitor their use and change the details of their service using the Amaysim website. Post-paid customers can choose to automatically recharge their account on a specific date each month, or top-up when their remaining credit reaches a pre-determined limit.

This new telco service will piggyback on the Optus network, matching the Optus claim of reaching 96 per cent of the Australian population. The Amaysim SIM card offers both a mini- and micro-SIM option, making it suitable for use in Apple's iPhone 4 and iPad as well as all other mobile phones available in Australia at this time.

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peterseaford posted a comment   

Ninja - how about data - with Amaysim I get 1g for $9.90 and i believe that when i recharge i can convert the call credit into data credit - that seems better to me than the Optus deal.
Appreciate your comments - thanks
regards peter


John posted a reply   

This Ninja dude has some good points and I certainly see where he's coming from. I've read his comments and it seems to make sence. I think the point he's trying to make is the true value you get from any carrier (it doesn't only apply to Optus) is dependant on how you use your phone. If you use the phone heaps per month i.e. you're a heavy user, I would agree that a plan is the way to go.

I'm sure Amaysim may save money for some customers, but looking at the way they structure their call rates, it seems that its not for all, particularly if your a heavy user. I guess one good thing about amaysim is the fact that the credits don't expire for 3 months which means that it will be good for light users...


john posted a reply   

Ninja, you're a gun!


john posted a reply   

Ninja, you're a gun!


busylifemeto posted a comment   

This Ninja dude is a spy and works for Optus I am sure, either that or hot wind, how can he work out their convoluted plans. EVEN if he was right there is NO WAY the charges are reflected on the account that you can work out what they are !!!! Its just Mumbo Jumbo and more gooblygook. ON ONE EVER has been able to explain a Mobile Telco bill to me and how its calculated. Its all just HORSESHIT !!!


Ninja posted a reply   

What ever you think Busylifemeto! I don't work for Optus...I'm just trying to let all consumers know that things may not be what it seems. If you bothered to read my comments carefully, I mentioned that the amount of value you get out of any plan is "dependant on your usage." If you hardly use the phone, then Amaysim may be better for you, however, if you're a frequent phone users then a contract plan may offer you better value. Thats up to you to determine depending on your phone usage.

I don't know why its so hard for you to comprehend the calculations that I have used in my previous comments. My 10 year old cousin can even work it out! Its simple, you have $49 worth of credit with Amaysim. If each minute cost you 15 cents, then the total number of minutes you get on a full charge = $50 divided by 15 cents (i.e. 333 minutes). Clearly you failed 4th grade maths!


Dnjplus4 posted a reply   

Trick for young players, I am on post paid with Amaysim and I discovered that they charge you 5c every visit to the net. I had trouble with my Market App and was going in and out trying to fix it and got charged for 165M when I would have used less than 1


busylifemeto posted a comment   

ALL Telcos are Smoke and Mirrors. I was with Optus and the ONLY person who could work out how an account was charged was an accountant at head office. Dont tell me we know what the charges are, seriously half the time I complained it took the dope sheila on the phone 10 minutes to work it out herself. Ned Kelly always springs to mind when TELCO is mention. Amaysim forever, it up front and we KNOW what it is not like all the other Pirates


Ninja posted a comment   

Dave, if you bothered to read my comments, I said that your usage and frequency if calls will ultimately determine the value you get from your plan. If youre a frequent mobile user, you'd be better off going on a plan. If you hardly use the phone then the Amaysim plan may be better suited for you. I was only pointing out that you should't go off one figure...Do the math! If you wanna test the theory, see how much you will need to pay Amaysim if you accumulate over 400 minutes (i.e. 6.6 hours in total) of phone calls in one month..based on Amaysims charges, that's $60! On Optus you only pay $49.....that's a fact....not B#llshit as you have tried to point out.

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