Amaysim waiting until 2014 to switch on 4G

Mobile virtual network operator Amaysim won't be switching on 4G access for its mobile phone services until next year, despite already having the ability to do so.

(Credit: Amaysim)

Amaysim's CEO and founder Rolf Hansen told ZDNet that the Optus network Amaysim re-sells supports 4G data, but that at the moment it's not an important factor for Amaysim customers. "We're still on 3G. 3G for us still does the job; it's where the mass market sits," he said.

Amaysim has picked up half a million customers around Australia in the three years since its launch, but its decision to hold off on 4G data is based on waiting for more 4G devices to flood the market and for Optus's data network to grow.

According to Hansen, Amaysim should flick the switch on 4G some time in 2014: "We believe sometime next year it will be ready for mass marketing in terms of handsets and network. Technically we're already hooked up to the whole system, it's more a commercial decision for us when we flick the switch and how we go about pricing."

The 4G data network is designed to be more cost-efficient, generally offering a larger amount of data for lower costs, but the Amaysim CEO told ZDNet that people weren't seeing the benefit as they were using larger amounts of data due to the higher download speeds available.

Amaysim operates entirely online and through its call centre, which employs around 70 staff, giving it lower overheads than traditional mobile network operators like Optus and Telstra. It offers a variety of prepaid, post-paid and data-only packs using Optus's 3G mobile network for smartphones and tablets.

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