Amazing footage from the Nokia 808 PureView

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Many photographers and mobile phone users may have been sceptical when the 808 PureView was announced in February with its high-resolution sensor.

This one's for the sceptics: take a look at some of the sample footage posted by All About Symbian, as it may change your mind. The site has posted a video taken with the phone at a Foo Fighters tribute band concert, showcasing just how detailed and crisp the video output can be.

Shooting at a rock concert is definitely a challenging proposition for any photographer, as there's constantly a shift in lighting — not to mention the difficulty in keeping up with enthusiastic band members.

Turn the quality up to 1080p to see some of the results. Also, pay attention to the audio, which would normally distort at such close range when recording with many other devices. Don't get too excited, though, as Nokia has already confirmed that the 808 PureView won't be making it to Australia.

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thesorehead posted a comment   

I reckon Nokia's done the right thing with the 808: it's really not being promoted, but they had to release it as the team had (apparently) been working on it since long before WP7 was announced. Symbian deserves a grand sendoff as it is still IMHO a great mobile OS. And with the 808 all Nokia will have to say to nerds like us is "Lumia PureView", instead of having to explain what PureView is and what it's capable of when launching WP8 handsets.

Assuming it's as good-looking as the 800 (though no doubt it'll be fatter), will definitely be getting a Lumia PV next year.


trebor83 posted a comment   

This phone should never have been released.

Nokia should have kept it as an in house pet project that they took around the industry expos to show off "this thing we made" and slip out some footage and images like these to build public buzz.

Then they could release it as a stand alone part of their inital Windows Phone 8 offerings (so you have, say a Lumia 750, Luma 850, Lumia 950 and Lumia Pureview) giving them an amazing distinguishing feature that people are going to want to have.

As amazing as the camera may be, the 808 is just another exceedingly average Nokia device that no one would actually want to buy and reinforces that association in peoples minds.


vader posted a reply   

Appologies for the late post, but I just couldn't let this one be. I am obviously a nobody, as I bought an 808 :) There are more people trying to buy it than are being made. The only reason it is a Symbian phone, is that this tired, old, decrepit, replaced.... OS is the only one that can handle the image sizes. Android can't. iOS can't. Bada can't. Not bad for a OS pensioner :^)

You call it exceedingly average. Have you used it? I Have. I have compared it to several high end androids (eg. nexus, s3, one X) and the 4S (at the best scientifically available location - the pub). The tired old 1.3G single core feels snappier than the quad core crowd until you do something that requires heavy lifting. The hardware options on the 808 dwarf *all* the other phones. I'm not going to list the features, however there is no other phone out there with the same features. It does everything.

The screen, whilst low res, is a true RGB screen, and is the brightest of all current mobiles. It can be easily read in full sunlight. The quality of movies/photos on the screen is awesome. Yes, in the browser, you can't read text 0.1mm high. Yes, if you look hard enough you might even see pixelation in lineart. Who cares?

The nokia app store might not have many apps, however the 808 is not limited to the store. Most of my apps come from open source projects from sourceforge. Installed just like a PC. iTunes doesn't rule my life. It doesn't need hacking to be functional.

I haven't touched on the camera yet, as even the biggest fanboy wouldn't try to talk that one down :) It literally blows all other phones away, and most of the dedicated point and shoots as well.

I'm not saying it is for everyone - I don't do facebook after all. For someone who wants a complete multimedia personal device that behaves more like a PC than a phone, then the 808 is perfect. Anyone used to Symbian will love this phone - its the best Symbian ever. A devotee of the other OSes (and btw, I like all of them in different ways), might not be so happy as "feature X" isn't there....

I still thing Nokia AU is stupid for not bringing this phone here. It is light years ahead of WP7 in *every* respect except trendiness (something the iPhone trumps). Its as far from the emperor's new phone as you can get.

Rant over :)

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