Amazing full moon rising video shot at 1300mm

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Photographer Mark Gee has captured some beautiful footage of a full moon rising over New Zealand, showing the silhouettes of observers in its wake.

(Screenshot by CBSi)

This video would do Wes Anderson proud. Using a Canon 1D Mark IV and a 500mm f/4 lens, Gee used a 2x extender to give an effective focal length of 1300mm for his moon video — taking into consideration the crop factor of the Mark IV's APS-H sensor.

It was shot at the end of January 2013 in Wellington, capturing the full moon rising over Mount Victoria Lookout. The silhouettes of onlookers were not orchestrated in any way, nor was the video adjusted, apart from editing eight minutes of footage down to three.

"Technically, getting the shot was quite difficult," Gee wrote on his blog. "I was 2.1km away from my subject, and there was no room for error. I only had one chance of getting the shot right on the night. Thankfully, it all came together, and what I ended up with was this wonderful performance of total strangers silhouetted against the full moon as it rose above the lookout."

Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo.

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basschicago posted a comment   
United States

Mark's feat is very impressive as he had only one shot at it. Here's my attempt at a 'moon shot':


KarimouA posted a comment   

est manifique انه خلق الله


AmmarS posted a comment   

Outstanding Video shot....I like it!

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