Amazon unveils 'Send to Kindle' feature for Chrome

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Sending items from the web to your Kindle is now a one-step process for users of Google Chrome.

The new browser extension from Amazon.
(Credit: CNET)

Amazon has rolled out a new Chrome extension called "Send to Kindle for Google Chrome". Installing the extension adds a button to Chrome that lets you send stories, blog posts and the like directly to your Kindle device and apps. The goal is to let you archive and read your favourite web pages while you're not online.

You can send yourself an entire web page or just selected text. And by tapping into Amazon's Whispersync technology, you can read the content on one device and pick up where you left off on another.

To install the extension, fire up your Chrome browser and open the Send to Kindle download page. At the Chrome web store, click on the Add to Chrome button and confirm the extension. You're then prompted to log in with your Amazon account.

After the extension is installed, you can choose which devices will receive the content. These aren't limited to the Kindle itself; any device on which you've installed Amazon's Kindle app will do. I was given a choice of my iPhone, iPad and Google Nexus tablet.

From there, I surfed to different pages and could click on the new Send to Kindle button in Chrome. The content was then formatted for the Kindle and sent to my device within a few minutes.

What about the other browsers? Amazon said that support for Firefox and Apple's Safari is "coming soon", but made no mention of Internet Explorer.


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