AMD: We're first with GDDR5 memory

AMD has announced that its next-generation ATI Radeon graphics cards will be the first commercial implementation of GDDR5 memory. According to the company, the new memory will allow for faster, smaller, and cheaper graphics cards.

"The higher data rates supported by GDDR5 — up to 5x that of GDDR3 and 4x that of GDDR4 — enable more bandwidth over a narrower memory interface, which can translate into superior performance delivered from smaller, more cost-effective chips."

The benefits of GDDR5 memory also include increased accuracy in calculations by way of new error detection mechanisms and more power-efficient graphics cards, according to AMD.

Hardware sites meanwhile are reporting that NVIDIA has opted to remain with GDDR3 on its upcoming generation of cards — it remains to be seen how each competitor's card will perform.

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it good job bravo 2 AMD co.

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