Amiga Mini wants to relive Commodore glory days

Moooo! Grrrrr! Smash! Crash! That's the sound of a curmudgeonly cash-cow being dragged out of retirement to see whether there's a drop or two of milk left in her wizened udders. The name of this cash-cow: Amiga.

(Credit: Commodore/Crave UK)

Amiga's maker Commodore — remember them? Congratulations on being as old as me, but bad news: it's not the same company, it just owns the name — has reintroduced the Amiga brand, slapping it on a high-end gaming PC that looks suspiciously like a Mac Mini.

It's even called the Amiga Mini, so Apple's lawyers are presumably getting ready to fire forth a barrage of cease-and-desist letters claiming it patented smallness.

Read more of "Amiga Mini high-end PC wants to relive Commodore glory days" at Crave UK.


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spadfa posted a comment   

Radical Dudes, what should also be mentioned is that you can buy Commodore 64 with up to 600Gb Solid State Drives now if that isn't over engineering I don't know what is.

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