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Gingerbread, otherwise known as Android 2.3, is finally among us.

Along with an updated user manual (PDF) and video, Google has updated its SDK to API 9, indicating it's all stations go for Gingerbread.

While the Nexus One hasn't been updated yet, the horses are off and racing at XDA Developers to remedy the situation. As to official releases, expect it whenever your phone maker and carrier will certify it: which for some people could mean never.

Main features? A darkened theme, new keyboard, better text selection and a bend towards gaming. Given we don't have a phone running Gingerbread, we took the liberty of booting up an Android Virtual Device in the SDK and took screenshots. Since the emulator is rather slow we won't be able to talk performance; for that we'll need it running on a real phone.

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Life posted a comment   

Having both phones, I hope gingerbread can improve battery life on the desire HD. Froyo reduced my battery usability to 3/4 of a day!


. . . posted a comment   

HTC already had all the keyboard features for the Desire HD.


007~ posted a comment   

You sound like a fancy to me... IOS.. has so many glitches its not even funny


ronid posted a comment   

nice, but still draws inspiration from ios 4. i miss webos, why does everything have to follow what apple does ? i am sure even steve jobs prefers people coming up with their own ideas. android is still a very technophilic OS. fyi, i am no apple fanboy, but appreciate the work they do.

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