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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Android Jelly Bean on a Nokia N9: set jaws to drool

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Like a special edition Marvel comic, we have, today, a glimpse at a "what if" universe. A video that answers the question: what if Nokia had chosen Android over Windows Phone? The answer is a snapshot of smartphone sexy.

A YouTube user, going by the name "drunkdebugger", has posted several videos of a Nokia N9 running the latest version of Android. The system looks impressively fast and stable and the hands in the video then demonstrate third-party apps, like Fruit Ninja, running on the phone.

Comments in the video point to the NITDroid forum, where like-minded coders are working (with success) to port Android onto Nokia Internet Tablets (NIT), or devices that were originally designed to run the Nokia MaeMo and MeeGo platforms.

Now, if you'll excuse us, there is a Nokia N9 in a drawer in the CNET Labs that is calling out for some attention. Seriously, the N9 still ranks as one of our favourite examples of smartphone hardware. With Jelly Bean, it would be unstoppable.

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