Android powering Sony's top new Walkman

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Sony has refreshed its Walkman line-up, slipping Android Ice Cream Sandwich into the new top-line model.

The new Sony Walkmans: E570 model on the left, F800 on the right.
(Credit: Sony/CBSi)

The F800 series leads the new Walkman range, with a 3.5-inch touchscreen and Android ICS under the hood, giving users access to all of the apps in the Play Store, plus Sony's own Music Unlimited streaming service. It also supports a decent range of music file codecs out of the box, including MP3, WMA, AAC and FLAC.

Sony has announced pricing in the US, with the 16GB model selling for US$269, and a 32GB variant for US$299. There's been no word yet on Australian RRPs or local availability.

The S770BT Walkman is Sony's new mid-range music player, and includes video-playback functionality alongside the standard music file support, but only on a 2-inch QVGA resolution screen. The S-series Walkman does come with Sony Bluetooth wireless headphones, though.

Filling in the budget end of the Walkman refresh, the new E570 unit was also announced, offering a straightforward music-player experience without the Android OS and the apps that go along with it. Sony has the E570 is a range of eye-catching colours, and prices the different SKUs at US$79 for 4GB, US$89 for 8GB and 16GB for US$109.

As with the F800, there is no news regarding local availability for the S- or E-series models yet, but we'll be sure to update this when we find out more.

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roseicles posted a comment   

Why is everyone saying sony should drop the mp3 players?
I will never own anything apple because they keep pushing good brands like sony away. That, and they suck.

There should ALWAYS be consumer choice!


PaulB5 posted a comment   

I am typing this on my z series sony Android walkman which has been a good little unit. Would be nice if this can get an ICS or Jellybean update. 1 sad thing that sony only bought the 16gig z to the aussie market


tabboo posted a comment   

sony really needs to stop focusing on walkmans and such. all phones have in-built MP3 players, and i really dont think the market for MP3 players is overly large anymore...


gregory.opera posted a reply   

The "Z Series" offers playback times of up to 14 hours (20 if you turn bluetooth off) and the "S Series" offers playback times up to a whopping 50 hours (bluetooth off)...

You show me a smartphone - ANY smartphone - that can even come close to those playback times and I'll agree with you completely!


AlexV1 posted a comment   

I wonder how much of a market there really is for PMP these days, with so many smart phones out there and the obvious dominance of the Ipod . Is this really a product Sony should be continuing with ?


gregory.opera posted a reply   

As per my comments above, there's no smartphone on the entire GLOBAL market that can even come close to the music playback times of a dedicated digital audio player...

At the very worst, you're looking at a minimum of ten continuous hours of playback, a figure even the very best smartphones would struggle to achieve.


CurnsyC posted a comment   

be careful sony apple will sue you for copying them by releasing a personal music player!!! (sad but true lets be honest apple would try it to keep competition down)


gregory.opera posted a reply   

Um, Sony were manufacturing digital audio players LONG before Apple...

Way back in 1999 Sony released the "Network Walkman" and it wasn't until 2001 - TWO years later - that the first iPod (which didn't do too well, due to the fact that it was only compatible with Apple computers...) was released!

Further to this, a number of "Apple innovations" have appeared in Sony products first - one that springs to mind is the "Genius" functionality of Apple digital audio players, which originally appeared in Sony products under the name "SensMe"...

And of course anyone that is capable of using a computer should be able to quickly identify at least a dozen other examples of where Sony has released a product, feature or service long before Apple.


MitchellT posted a comment   

its good to see another android media player! beat that ipod touch!. but sony, you better have a jelly bean update!

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