Angry Birds sequel Bad Piggies hogs top spot among iOS apps

Those Bad Piggies may not be so bad if they can soar to the top of the iOS charts in just a few hours.

(Credit: Rovio)

Released from its pen earlier today for iOS and Android, the Angry Birds sequel is the most-downloaded paid app among both iPhone and iPad users.

A brand-new game rarely hits the top spot in Apple's App Store so quickly. But being the latest instalment in the hot Angry Birds line-up has given Bad Piggies a strong leg (or hoof) up. Game maker Rovio has gotten a lot of mileage out of Angry Birds, but the company also knows that it needs to shake up the franchise to keep it from moulting.

Bad Piggies offers a twist on the simple birds-versus-pigs scenario. The new game places you on the side of the pigs, to help them crack the eggs of the angry birds. Instead of the usual gameplay, Bad Piggies challenges you with a series of puzzles in which you build devices to move the pigs to each destination.

Rovio has packaged the pigs in two flavours: a standard edition for smartphones, and an HD one for tablets.

The iPhone and iPod Touch version costs 99 cents, while the iPad version will set you back AU$2.99. Both Android versions are free from Google Play, apparently thanks to a special Google promotion celebrating 25 billion downloads in less than four years.

Bad Piggies has guzzled up positive reviews so far, earning a 4.5-star rating from iOS users and a 5-star rating from the Android folks.

Rovio took its first stab at a new game in July called Amazing Alex. Similar in some ways to Bad Piggies, Alex challenges you with puzzles to move objects around the screen. Amazing Alex also climbed its way to the top of the iOS charts not long after its debut.

Bad Piggies for Android (Free)
Bad Piggies HD for Android (Free)
Bad Piggies for iOS (AU$0.99)
Bad Piggies HD for iOS (AU$2.99)


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