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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Animating Lego with Vine

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This has to be one of our favourite uses for Vine so far: tiny stop-motion animations of abstract Lego creations.

Your cat being adorable? Your food, coffee or beer moments? Little stop-motion videos of your action figures? Whatever you're using Vine for, stop right now and start playing with Lego.

This project — simply called Lego Vines — is by New York illustrator, designer and art director Mark Weaver. On 6 February, he started creating animated stop-motion videos of Lego changing shape and colour.

They're both fascinating and awesome — one of the most creative uses for Twitter's new iPhone app that we've seen to date.

Check out the full ongoing collection on Weaver's Lego Vines Tumblr.

(Credit: Mark Weaver)

(Credit: Mark Weaver)

(Credit: Mark Weaver)

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