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Oh, Adult Swim. How we love your ability to look all cute and adorable, then give us blood and guts and bones and horrible explosions. In Extinction Squad, you are working for muscle-bound explorer "Chuck" Darwin, travelling around the world to bounce falling endangered animals off a safety net into a truck. We don't know why the animals have unanimously decided to go lemming, but what the hey. If you miss, the animals go splat, and you also have to look out for falling bombs. Power-ups and upgrades can be purchased to help you along.

One thing we weren't so keen on was the implementation of in-app purchasing. Coins for purchasing levels and upgrades are sparse; you can collect them in-game, but it will take a long time. It seems that if you actually want to enjoy the entire game you have purchased, you will have to spend extra money pretty much right off the bat.

However, the game itself is fun and well designed, so don't let that put you off checking it out, if you're interested.

Extinction Squad for iOS (AU$0.99)

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