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A calculator with on-screen buttons? Pffft, everyone has one of those. For something really good, check out MyScript Calculator. It lets you write your calculations directly onto the screen via finger or capacitive stylus. It then translates your scrawls and performs the calculations, including mathematical symbols. It's not quite finished yet — it's not good at recognising letters, for example — but what it does let you do is just amazing.

MyScript Calculator for Android (Free)

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Greg44 posted a comment   

LawrenceS, I have the same issue with my ACER A700 tablet. On the other hand this app is a jewel on my Samsung Galaxy Note!
As result I would recommend that anyone purchasing a tablet benchmarks the screen using this app.


LawrenceS posted a comment   

This app would be great on my Sensation XL, if the touch input was not so atrocious... Hardly registers my touch...

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