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If you're a hoopy frood frustrated with how un-hip your Android's keyboard is, Siine will make your texting life much more to your taste. It has a series of buttons that act as shortcuts, and you can tap each button up to three times to get three words for each shortcut; for example, the "Hey" shortcut can be tapped to get "Heya" and "Howdy", as well. You can make your own shortcuts, and the app includes the option to purchase packs of premade shortcuts, too. I will note that the app popped up a warning stating that it might be able to read any information typed on the keyboard, though, so if you regularly type sensitive things on your phone, you might want to bear that in mind.

Siine for Android (Free)

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marvinjames posted a comment   

I'm a search of a good keyboard app that would use for me. I've seen this and tried it as well, I'm amazed at first on how this run and would help me by trying it a couple of days and not really the right app for me.

I'm not much on a qwerty keyboard replacement and which would like to try another keystroke, through my search just got one of all keyboard app on play store gives me and that is with Dextr ( I'm currently using it and testing how it runs for me. Anyone tried it as well?


LawrenceS posted a comment   

I have used this keyboard for a while, but I have now gone back to Swiftkey X as my default.

The idea is actually really good - and it can be really useful, but I think the learning curve is way too steep, and it does take a while to figure it out.

I think the keyboard just has way too many features, so you end up spending quite a while looking for the one you are looking for.

With the update coming to SwiftKey, you can't look past it.

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