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I play games to relax, so sometimes a fast-paced game just doesn't cut it. So when I found Sun Stones, I knew I'd found a game that couldn't be more perfect, from the visual design to the ambient flute music to the relaxing, yet puzzling, gameplay. Inspired by traditional Hopi imagery, the idea is to place stones on a board to create an image in as few moves as possible. There is no penalty for taking lots of moves, so you can trial and error as much as you like and figure out how to win those three stars. You get a nice little selection of puzzles with the free trial, too — enough to know that the full unlock is definitely worth it.

Sun Stones for Android (AU$2.80)
Sun Stones for iOS (Free — full unlock AU$2.99)

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Rainforest_Lover posted a comment   
United States

I totally dug Sun Stones! I sometimes just devour little apps in a day, but Sun Stones has been something I keep playing bit by bit for weeks. Some puzzles were out of my reach for quite a while, but that just made solving them with 3 stars Totally Awesome when I'd eventually succeed.

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