Apple ad filmed entirely on iPhone celebrates 30 years of Mac

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To celebrate 30 years of Macintosh, Apple has released a commercial that was filmed entirely on the iPhone 5s.

(Credit: Apple)

While there was speculation that Apple would broadcast an ad during the Super Bowl, instead the company quietly posted a video on its website to celebrate 30 years of Macintosh, which was released on 24 January 1984. The new ad was filmed entirely in one day, with film crews in 15 cities across the world.

Renowned director Ridley Scott was behind the original Macintosh commercial that first aired in 1984 during the Super Bowl. This time, Apple enlisted the services of Scott's son, Jake, to direct the short.

Due to timezone differences, the shoot took place over 36 hours and was filmed entirely on the iPhone 5s. Scott directed the shoots via FaceTime, while a team of 21 editors were responsible for cutting the final seven hours of footage down to the 90 second ad.

Naturally, the shots were also helped along with some more serious film equipment. In a few of the behind-the-scenes stills from the project's website you can make out a camera crane as well as a handheld stabilisation mount for the phone.

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