Apple announces iPhone 3G S

It's the moment we've all been waiting for: the Apple iPhone 3G S is here. A souped-up camera, a compass, improved battery life and even more storage make this the most exciting iPhone since, well, since the last one.


The outside looks pretty much exactly the same as the current iPhone 3G, so the front-facing camera and matte back are the first rumours to fall by the wayside. It seems all the improvements are under the bonnet: Apple reckons it's roughly three times faster.

It now supports 7.2Mbps HSDPA and has some expected camera improvements: there's a bump from 2 to 3 megapixels, with autofocus and auto macro. And yes, video capture is finally here — 30 frames per second VGA with audio. In-camera editing and direct upload to the web or MMS are also included. An API is forthcoming for developers to come up with cool stuff to do with your videos.

A digital compass has been added for improved location services. The new handset will be technically capable of tethering to your computer via USB or Bluetooth, turning it into a dongle that allows your computer to connect to the internet via your phone network. Apparently, AT&T in the US may not include this feature for iPhone on its network, but in Australia internet tethering hasn't been an issue for the operators previously so we expect to see this implemented.

The new iPhone uses the iPhone 3.0 operating system, familiar from the beta launch. New features include voice control of your phone and even of your music, and VoiceOver as seen on the iPod Shuffle.

Much to the relief of current iPhone 3G users, improved battery life was also on Apple's list of spec bumps. Apple claims up to nine hours of surfing, 10 hours of video, 30 hours of music playing and five hours of 3G talk-time.

Apple has committed to having the iPhone 3G S in Australian stores on 26 June. As with last year's launch, expect pricing to be announced just before.

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Sketchey posted a comment   

Point #1: Of course they are feature dripping, it's APPLE & that is why they have sold ZILLIONS of ipods and iphones. If they just went all out and did the best first, where would the money for continuing development come from?

Point #2: Phil, aside from the fact that the iPhone 3G was developed and released outside North America before anywhere else your comment about it all being about the yanks is bulltish

That Is All


Andrew posted a comment   


The free software upgrade on June 17 basically turns your 3G into a 3G S

For free

No breaking of contracts and paying crazy prices during the initial hysteria

And if you want video...jailbreak the 3G

For free


joel posted a comment   

i just got an iphone 3g about 3 months ago and not disappointed at all, nothing about this 3g s improves a great deal to the previous so im still pretty happy with my perches.


Russ posted a comment   

No major inprovements IMO. It needs at least a 8mp camera and able to record HD 720p video and a higher pixel screen.


Andrew posted a comment the version 3.0 upgrade for the iPhone 3G gives you MMS, Landscape keyboard, spotlight search, tethering, copy/paste and voice memo. The 3G S basically adds video, faster processing and 32Gb to this...WOW!!! Think anyone who recently bought an iPhone 3G is sitting pretty right now


Phil posted a comment   

What a massive disappointment. Was looking for UMTS900 support which both Vodafone and Optus have been rolling out in regional areas, but this is nowhere to be seen. As usual Apple are only interested in a one size fits all product which means that if the frequency isn't utilised in North America then it doesn't get a guernsey (despite the rest of the world rolling out UMTS900 networks).


slideit posted a comment   

Imagine releasing two versions of a high end phone before MMS is available, or video capture! Classic feature dripping from the marketing department.


Apple Marketing posted a comment   

This is all stuff that could/should have been in the first one. It's classic Apple in that they will release marginally improved products and then the apple fanboi horde will run out an upgrade unquestionably.


HanaC posted a comment   

LOL to anyone who has recently bought a new iPhone 3G..

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