Apple answers Galaxy S4 launch with new iPhone campaign

Samsung's just-launched Galaxy S4 is nothing special; it's simply another member of the wannabe-iPhone crowd — at least, that's what Apple would have you believe by way of a new marketing effort for its storied handset.

(Credit: Apple)

"There's iPhone. And then there's everything else," reads the headline on new a web page added to Apple's site today — two days after Samsung trotted out the S4 during a splashy (and to some, rather puzzling) event at New York's Radio City Music Hall.

The Apple web page — reachable by way of a button on the Apple home page and an email sent to customers — amounts to a scrollable laundry list of the things that supposedly place the iPhone above the competition. This list may well have been influenced by Samsung's new gadget. Among other things, the rundown:

  • Seems to take a potshot at what some have called the Galaxy line's "plastic-y" feel, saying that with the iPhone: "Every detail and every material — particularly the sleek aluminium enclosure — has been meticulously considered and refined."

  • Touts the iPhone's Retina display. Samsung's smartphones have been dinged in the past for oversaturated, candied colours (though, at least one observer has said that the S4 is a different animal in this regard).

  • Takes a swipe at "other smartphones" that, while discussing camera quality, "simply tout large amounts of megapixels" (the iPhone's shooter — "the world's most popular", Apple claims — is 8 megapixels; the S4's is 13).

  • Trumpets the number of apps available for the iPhone, saying that the iOS operating system is "the platform for over 800,000 apps that let your iPhone do even more". If nothing else, the S4 is jammed full of new software features.

Is the new web page a sign that Apple is sweating a bit when it comes to how phone buyers will answer the question: "Does the S4 make the iPhone 5 look lame?" We'll let you be the judge of that.


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serbanstreza posted a comment   

Hey, look at us !!! We have copyright on the name "retina display" so we are the only one who can use it! We are so special! It doesn't matter that other mobiles have better displays and better ppi because they didn't bother making names for their displays. That makes us so special! And we will keep shouting this again and again. He are so special! We are so special! We are so special! (hopefully you will believe us)


LawrenceS posted a comment   

I think Apple might just be sweating a bit... The timing means that until their next release (June?) they're likely to lose a bit of traction. Even then, by the time they release their next phone (which is likely to be incremental as well I'd say) - the S4 will be readily available, whilst the iPhone will be behind all the large queues.

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