Apple details new, futuristic campus plans to neighbours

Apple is doing some community outreach in Cupertino, California, to help clear a safe public-relations flight path for its new spaceship-styled campus there. The company recently sent some fliers to its neighbours with information on the upcoming facility, inviting feedback.

Apple plans to turn a "sea of asphalt" into a green space/UFO landing pad.
(Credit: Apple)

A copy of the brochure was obtained by 9to5Mac. It shows some renderings of the research facility, dubbed "Apple Campus 2", along with the planned layout for the property and a letter from CFO Peter Oppenheimer with some key facts and figures:

  • The new site will not replace the nearby corporate headquarters at Infinite Loop

  • On the new 176-acre site, 26 "aged" buildings will be demolished to make way for the single, four-story, ring-shaped, 2.8 million square-foot building that the late Steve Jobs first told the Cupertino City Council about in one of his last public appearances

  • A nearby set of existing buildings will also be replaced, with an additional 300,000 square feet of research buildings

  • The new campus will accommodate about 13,000 employees. Apple's existing campus houses around 10,000

  • The campus will be certified for leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) for energy efficiency and overall green-ness

  • The new campus will include a restaurant, fitness centre and other perks for employees, but will not be open to the public.

If all goes well for Apple, and the city of Cupertino opts to approve the new campus — rather than sending its most important taxpayer packing for another Silicon Valley hamlet — Oppenheimer wrote that the company hopes to "land" and occupy its spaceship by 2015.


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