Apple drops 4G iPad label in Australia

Apple has bowed to pressure from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and regulators in other countries around the globe, dropping the "4G" label from its new iPad product.

New iPad event

A screenshot of the Apple store
(Screenshot by Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

As first picked up by 9to5Mac, Apple has replaced the name for the new cellular model of the iPad from "Wi-Fi + 4G" to "Wi-Fi + Cellular".

The ACCC took Apple to court last year after the release of the new iPad, because although the device is compatible with long term evolution (LTE) or "4G" networks in the United States that operate in the 2100MHz or 700MHz spectrum bands, it is not compatible with Australia's 4G networks currently deployed in the 1800MHz spectrum band.

Apple initially conceded that the new iPad would not work on Australia's LTE networks, issuing corrective advertising on its website and in-store, and offering to refund customers who had felt misled by the 4G label.

The ACCC went further and wanted Apple to remove the 4G label from the product, but Apple resisted, arguing that Australia's HSDPA+ 3G networks could technically be referred to as 4G networks.

According to 9to5Mac, the change has only occurred in the last few days and has affected the Apple stores in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the US, Canada, the United Arab Emirates , Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, and Hong Kong.

The full hearing for the ACCC's case against Apple is scheduled to go ahead in June. The ACCC has been contacted for comment, but had not responded at the time of writing.


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