Apple enables turn-by-turn navigation for Aussie iPhones

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Apple has met its November deadline and enabled turn-by-turn directions in Apple Maps for customers in Australia, as promised at the launch of the iPhone 5.

The turn-by-turn feature live in Sydney.
(Screenshot by Joe Hanlon/CBSi)

Voice-guided directions are activated after users install the latest over-the-air update for their devices. To manually check for the update, go to the General menu in Settings, then choose Software Update. Once installed, using the new feature is simple. Open the Maps app, create a route using the arrow icon on the top left of the screen, then press Start.

Though turn-by-turn functionality is now live, Apple has yet to update its iOS features availability page.

The feature has been eagerly awaited by many Australian iOS device owners, despite Apple's mapping software receiving poor reviews across the world for being incomplete. That said, our early tests of the feature have worked very well.

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KaityK posted a comment   

Google maps is still better. If they really want to inprove it, they need turn by turn voice direction/ commands.


Pining posted a comment   


I don't think it received poor reviews because it was incomplete.

From what I read it received poor reviews because it was complete crap!

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