Apple eyes an interchangeable lens for the iPhone

Apple has applied for a patent that would let iPhone users change its camera lens, according to a patent application published on Thursday.

An image taken from Apple's patent filing.
(Credit: USPTO)

The patent would cover a portable electronic device, such as a mobile phone, and would make the device's back panel removable, allowing users to switch to a different lense. In design terms, this would mark a significant departure for the iPhone, since Apple has always shipped its signature device completely sealed.

Instead of switching out the lens, iPhone photography aficionados currently use add-ons to get around the limitation.

The patent may have been part of the late Steve Jobs' grand plans for making iPhone cameras even more appealing to photographers. Jobs, who was interested in photography himself, envisioned an improved camera in a meeting with Ren Ng, CEO of photography company Lytro, last year.


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hyamss posted a comment   

And this comes from a Company that won't even let you change a battery?


Monoclonal26 posted a comment   

How is this patentable? It is essentially an accessory ... it is like patenting changing the back cover to a different to produce a more psychological experience on a mobile device.

Maybe others companies should patent things like NFC incorperation in a mobile device and Samsung's future Wireless-integrated mobile device Charging.

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