Apple facing FaceTime patent suit

Apple is the latest company to feel the patent-infringement pinch from a firm called Intercarrier Communications (ICC).

(Credit: Apple)

A lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia contends that Apple's FaceTime and Messages apps violate ICC's patent number 6,985,748.

The patent in question refers to an "inter-carrier messaging service providing phone number-only experience", and describes a method to send messages between different carriers using just a phone number.

ICC has been keeping the patent courts busy lately, according to PatentlyApple. In just the past five days, the company has launched similar suits against MobiWeb, Inerop Technologies, BroadSoft, Iris Wireless and several other businesses, in each case citing the same patent.

In its suit against Apple, the Frisco, Texas-based ICC is looking for an unspecified amount of damages based on any past and ongoing violations of the patent.

CNET contacted Apple and the attorneys for ICC and will update the story if we receive any information.


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