Apple fashion from the 1980s

There was once a decade when it was cool to have popped collars, leg warmers and zippers on the ankles of your acid wash jeans. It was called the 1980s.

Even design-obsessed Apple wasn't immune from the decade's fashion fallacies. Fashion blog The Trad unearthed a 1986 Apple clothing catalogue that looks like a collision between The Breakfast Club and an Apple II.

The catalogue really sells the Apple computing lifestyle. "After a rough day windsurfing, the Apple sweatshirt is just the thing," it reads. Or you could buy a complete Apple-branded F2 America 360 Sailboard for just US$1100.

Apple suggests getting "rambunctious" with a $47 rugby sweatshirt. Even the kids aren't left out. There are pint-sized Apple shirts and sweats for the iPhone users of the future.

I know you're wondering, but there are no black turtlenecks on display in the catalogue. Steve Jobs had the good sense to steer clear of the Apple clothing collection. He really was a visionary.

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