Apple finally launches iTunes 11

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A newly redesigned iTunes 11 has been released by Apple, following a month-long delay.

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Features of the new version include an overhauled user interface, which is rather heavily inspired by other Mac and iOS software. It's much more visual than previous versions, offering big views of album covers that, once expanded, show track lists and other song details.

The iTunes Store, a large staple of the current iTunes experience, has also received a brand new look to match its wrapper. A MiniPlayer now previews what songs are coming up next.

Apple has boosted iCloud integration for offline use, with a new download button to sync a copy to your device. The last major update to the music software came in 2010, with the introduction (and subsequent removal) of Ping.

Current iTunes users should be able to download the new software as an update for Mac and Windows, while new users can head over to Apple's site to get their hands on the new version.

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