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The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has given Apple trademarks on its retail store design and layout.

The Apple Store design submitted for the trademark application.
(Credit: Apple/USPTO)

Documents at the USPTO website show that Apple has been finally granted a trademark to protect its Apple Stores after previous unsuccessful requests.

The trademark covers the iconic glass "panelled facade, consisting of large, rectangular horizontal panels", of the stores, along with the "rectangular tables arranged in a line in the middle of the store, parallel to the walls".

In fact, the rather detailed trademark even covers the recessed lighting, "cantilevered shelves", wall shelving and an "oblong table with stools located at the back of the store".

Surprisingly, the placement of Apple's products around the store is "not considered to be part of the overall mark".

Is this Apple protecting its brand against the growing rise of manufacturer-based concept stores? Or just another example of Apple's increasingly aggressive policy in regard to patents and trademarks?

In US trademark law, any copy of the Apple Store would need to be capable of confusing customers into thinking it was an Apple retail outlet before the trademark would have any legal ramifications on the offending shop.

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MichaelB13 posted a comment   

well I guess if you can patent rounded corners you can patent anything :/ Apple used to innovate, but now all they do is take ideas from other companies, patent them, and sue the companies. That's annoying.


AndrewM11 posted a comment   

Hey I cat post why?......


AndrewM11 posted a comment   

I cannot believe what is happening. Are they going to trade mark their bathrooms to? Guess what happens when power and goes to your head. You become insane.


JonathonF posted a comment   

this is ridiculous. Apple is the Rush Limbaugh of technology. Tell people how high to jump, and they listen. Go Samsung


EbeleC posted a comment   

apple has finally gone crazy. no wonder Samsung will reign supreme forever. i hope they don't ask for a patent for the colour blue because that's my favourite colour.


LorenzoG posted a comment   

Stupidity in its greatest expression.


junuswid posted a comment   

I think i will trademark my toilet, it got a great "FengShui".
Ease use of shower, nice air ventilation, good lightning and
very smooth flushes.


NormH posted a comment   

K, this is just off the wall stupid! What is their idea? Someone might walk into a Samsung store, see the layout, and think they are in an Apple store?

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